An Ice Cream Truck Arrived at Delmanor Glen Abbey!

An Ice Cream Truck Arrived at Delmanor Glen Abbey!

During a very different summer where we have been dealing with uncertainty and fear, a familiar reminder of happier times arrived with the unmistakable jingle that takes us back to better times and pleasant childhood memories.

Many of us remember the familiar tune that led to us rushing home for a few coins for an ice cream treat that somehow tasted just that little bit better from the local ice cream truck. During this pandemic ice cream trucks have been able to provide that little bit of happiness to communities with a delivery of a sweet cold treat on a hot summer day.

The Residents of Delmanor Glen Abbey were offered a delicious ice cream from the truck while listening to a special performance from “The Notables” who performed some old school tunes that perfectly complimented the vintage feel that came along with the ice cream truck itself.

The Delmanor Residents loved this fun and sweet experience that brought everyone together providing a lovely escape from their worries and cares.

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