An Impromptu Concert at Delmanor Glen Abbey

An Impromptu Concert at Delmanor Glen Abbey

What a wonderful surprise it was when Residents and team members were treated to an impromptu concert between Bill, one of our Residents, and our talented Environmental Manager Alberto.

Residents are thrilled when Alberto occasionally entertains them as he is passing by or taking a moment or two on the piano to entertain whoever may be listening.

We happen to have caught a particularly special moment when no one else was around when Alberto began to play piano and Resident Bill joined in and provided the vocals. It wasn’t long until other Residents took notice and began to gather to listen and sing along.

Listening to music with others helps people to facilitate feelings of connection, especially during difficult times. Music has a powerful way of helping us to find happiness and the support that comes from being with others. Music allows for a wonderful source of escape and distraction.

Thank you to Alberto for sharing his talent with us and for brightening up many days with his musical gift. If you would like to read more about Delmanor Glen Abbey please click here, or contact Monique Kuhn at (905) 469-3232. #togetherwecan, #inspiredconnections, #delmanor, #delmanorglenabbey, #music, #talent, #oakville, #seniors, #retirement