Our Delmanor On-Site Healthcare Team

Our Delmanor On-Site Healthcare Team

The global pandemic has touched all of our daily lives and has forced us to put our health and the health of our families and loved ones as a top priority.

The Delmanor Executives, Health and Wellness Mangers and Nurses have taken steps and made decisions that have been pre-emptive in lessening the risks during Covid-19. Delmanor Residents, their families and team members appreciate how the Healthcare Team has managed to handle strict infection control measures and follow the changing directions and guidelines set out by Public Health, World Health Organization, ORCA and the RHA.

Being able to jump into action in a timely fashion with our three to one, resident to staff ratio, helps to keep our Residents in good spirits and great health. Many of the staff have been working at Delmanor Northtown since it opened its doors for the very first time. Our team has a history with our Residents, are aware of their needs and notice any new concerns or changes in their behaviour.

Our dynamic Healthcare Team is comprised of Doctors, Nurses, and Personal Support Workers that are on site in each of our Delmanor Communities. The Health Care Team is available to respond to a Residents’ suite regardless of the day or time, as we know that the need for health care does not always fall between specific hours, on limited days! At Delmanor Northtown you have the benefit of seeing a doctor in person rather than having a virtual appointment, without having to worry about transportation or going out in potentially uncomfortable circumstances.

Residents appreciate more now than ever that they can go to our on-site Nursing Office to meet with our doctor, have a test or get a professional opinion from our nurse.  Not having to enter the doors of a hospital or clinic, limits waiting time and exposure to others that may be ill. This is another component of how our Residents are kept safe while never compromising care and access to services that they need or desire.

The entire Delmanor team is devoted to caring for our Residents. We strive to meet their physical, emotional and social needs no matter what the circumstance, now more than ever.

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