Reading in the Elgin Mills Fireside Lounge

Reading in the Elgin Mills Fireside Lounge

While we all know the importance of physical exercise on our health, many of us are not as aware of the benefits of reading on our health as well. Reading can reduce stress, help with sleep, improve brain functioning, and help control anxiety, especially as we age.

The Residents of Delmanor Elgin Mills love reading in the comfort of their own home, especially with the convenience of the library in the fireside lounge that is updated monthly with many interesting choices including books from the current top ten best sellers list.

Helping seniors feel less isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic is very important to the Elgin Mills team. By encouraging reading, it offers another outlet and a way to reduce the effects that have come from the changes in routine and customs that are normally enjoyed, especially at this time of year.

Reading provides an escape from lonliness, it affects our health and also our well being. During this time, as we are adjusting to changes in our lifestyle, we are also being bombarded with stressful information each time we listen or watch the news. Finding solutions to keep ourselves entertained as well as distracted allows us that disconnect from the current concerns that surround us in our daily lives.

Recreational reading is extremely beneficial to our health. The Residents of Delmanor Elgin Mills are very grateful for the fantastic selection of books that are available to them and look forward to all of the exciting books that are coming in the months ahead.

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