Delmanor Northtown’s Resident Champion Award Nominee!

Delmanor Northtown’s Resident Champion Award Nominee!

The Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) is an independent self-funded, not-for-profit regulator that was mandated by the government to ensure the safety and well-being of seniors in retirement residences in Ontario, in accordance with the Retirement Homes Act. 

Frank Kajfes, a non-denominational Minister was devoted to improving the lives of seniors and empowering people through education.  Frank passed unexpectedly in 2016 but his legacy as a member of Stakeholder Advisory Council lives on through the Resident Champion Award.

People have stepped up and gone to great lengths to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic and the RHRA recognizes their efforts. The Champion Award is presented to a resident of a retirement residence that creates a noticeable impact on the quality of life for fellow residents through their direct actions or endeavours.

Eileen Letson, a resident of Delmanor Northtown, was nominated for this award!

Eileen always had beautifully maintained gardens at her homes. Due to COVID-19 outside visitors were not entering our building to help protect our Residents from potential exposure. This included our annual crew of landscapers that would normally come through the building throughout the spring and summer to ensure our gardens were always well maintained and looking their best. 

There was a need for professional direction, demonstrated most when one of the staff had to call in our resident botanist to determine if certain plants were weeds or perennials. Eileen took the lead even after recognizing the size and demands of this project – a rooftop terrace that stretches the entire length of the building with several dozen planters, some as large as three feet wide!

Eileen stepped in to give advice to the planting team made up of eager residents and staff – some with green thumbs and some with a desire to try their hand at gardening and to do their part to help.

Being a Covid 19 free community, we have demonstrated that we were in this together. We have proven that we could keep our gardens looking as beautiful as ever with Eileen’s initiative, planting knowledge, and instructions, along with the rest of us there to spring into action to make them a reality. 

This year Eileen helped keep the rooftop terrace a beautiful and safe haven for outdoor walks for all of her fellow residents to enjoy the serenity, and calmness that comes from a summer garden.

From all of us at Delmanor Northtown we thank Eileen for her exceptional skills and willingness to share them with us as we have been able to work together as a team during extraordinary circumstances. It is this feeling of community and togetherness that makes Delmanor Northtown a family, and it’s this feeling of family that keeps us strong, happy and determined through any challenge that comes our way.

Congratulations Eileen on this exceptional and well deserved nomination as a Resident Champion, as you are most definitely a champion to all of us!

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