Back to School Advice From Delmanor Elgin Mills Residents

Back to School Advice From Delmanor Elgin Mills Residents

This is a very different back to school season in every way. The Residents of Delmanor Elgin Mills are sympathetic to the challenges being presented to parents and students at the beginning of this school year and wanted to reach out to show their support at this time.

The Residents took the time to write words of advice for those that are heading back into the classrooms. Many of the Residents wanted to share their support for the teachers as well, especially as two of our Residents were teachers and understand some of the challenges, along with the nerves and anxiousness that come just from back to school alone.

Our Residents have a wealth of knowledge from their past experiences and former careers.. They are always eager to communicate with the younger generations to share some of the wisdom that they have gained throughout their lives. We hope that these messages and well wishes provide good luck and helpful advice as the unprecedented 2020 back to school season is upon us.

Wishing all students, teachers, parents and families every good wish for a safe and happy return to school from everyone at Delmanor Elgin Mills.

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