Music Under The Stars at Delmanor Glen Abbey

The beauty of a late summer evening is that perfect moment when summer ends and intersects perfectly with the arrival of fall.

The Residents of Delmanor Glen Abbey were treated to a wonderful concert under the stars in the tranquil Glen Abbey courtyard. Residents bundled up in their sweaters to enjoy one of the last evenings of summer outside with friends. A talented pianist played familiar tunes that accented the evening along with the twinkling lights and night sky.

Music is always a very important part of living at Delmanor Glen Abbey. Our shared love of the arts and live musical performances create magical moments to enjoy with friends.

If you wish to learn more about retirement living at at Delmanor Glen Abbey, please click here or you may contact Monique Kuhn, Community Relations Manager at (905) 469-3232 #togetherwecan, #inspiredconnections, #delmanor, #delmanorglenabbey, #music, #retirement, #endofsummer