Delmanor Northtown’s End of Summer BBQ

Delmanor Northtown’s End of Summer BBQ

The end of summer signals to Canadians that the colder weather is on its way and that the days are getting shorter. In Ontario the first glimpse of fall is here with cooler evenings and the bright vibrant colours that have arrived on our trees.

The Delmanor Northtown Residents are grateful for the three picturesque garden terraces that provide them with the perfect locations to enjoy fresh air and the happiness the comes from being outdoors.

With all of this glorious sunshine that we have been blessed with lately, the Northtown Culinary team invited the Residents outdoors for a final end of summer BBQ! The event was prepared perfectly by the Delmanor Chefs and consisted of mouth-watering barbecue chicken, home-made burgers and Andouille smoked sausage. There was a delicious selection of favourite summer salads to choose from with local fresh fruit to fully complete the meal.

There were less Residents seated at each table and the tables were spaced a little further apart, but the fun, friendships and delicious food was second to none! Although the air will be getting cooler, the beauty of the outdoor terrace and unique culinary events will continue to be enjoyed throughout the beautiful autumn weeks ahead.

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