Delmanor Northtown’s Rosh Hashanah Celebration

Delmanor Northtown’s Rosh Hashanah Celebration

Delmanor Northtown Residents recently celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. It is that time of year that Jewish people from all over the world come together to celebrate God’s creation of the world.

Rosh Hashanah means ‘the first day of the year”, and is the first of the High Holy days. Yom Kippur follows as the holiest day of the Jewish year or ‘Day of Atonement” that comes ten days after Rosh Hashanah.

In order to avoid working on the day of the festival, the two-day Rosh Hashanah observance began as a safeguard. Today Rosh Hashanah is the only holiday that is celebrated for two days in Israel and in other parts of the world as well.

The Delmanor Residents enjoyed live entertainment by Mickey Lewin who sang a few Yiddish songs for the audience. One of the most popular Rosh Hashanah customs involves eating apple slices dipped in honey after saying a special prayer. Ancient Jews believed that apples have healing powers and honey signifies the hope that the New Year will be sweet.

In Hebrew we say to you and your family, Shanah Tovah Umetukah which translates to “may you have a good and sweet New Year”.

Happy Rosh Hashanah from all of us at Delmanor Northtown.

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