Hawaiian Cocktails at Delmanor Wynford

Hawaiian Cocktails at Delmanor Wynford

The Delmanor Wynford Rooftop Terrace is the hidden gem where Residents can escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a quiet and peaceful spot to unwind in the outdoors.

Residents were treated to a Hawaiian theme day on the terrace where they experienced up-beat Hawaiian music and delicious tropical Pina coladas while basking in the gorgeous sunshine.

Experts unanimously agree that outdoor activity is safer than indoor gatherings and with the importance of socializing on our mental health, Delmanor Wynford Residents are taking every opportunity to make the most of their lovely outdoor terrace and the extended summer weather.

A lovely beginning to fall is allowing everyone to make the most of the outdoors. With proper safety measures in place, the Wynford Residents took part in this fun Hawaiian theme event with friends while enjoying the mental and overall health benefits that come from socializing with friends.

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