Delmanor Northtown’s Autumn Corn Roast

Delmanor Northtown’s Autumn Corn Roast

Corn is a favourite crop for Canadian farmers and is an important staple in in Canadian food. The corn roast has been a part of Canada’s culture since colonization.

Traditionally corn roasts began as a farming chore at the end of the harvest season. To ensure that none of the corn was being wasted, families and workers would remove the husks and prepare the corn for storing later in the year.

Corn roasts are popular events in modern times because they are an opportunity for friends and families to come together for a seasonal outdoor meal and a chance to take advantage of the last few days of warmer weather left in the season.

The Residents of Delmanor Northtown were treated to a wonderful meal expertly prepared by the Northtown Chef who roasted the sweet corn to perfection. The sweet delicious corn was paired with sausage and refreshing beverages. The volunteer corn huskers were on hand making sure that there was plenty of corn to go around. Delicious corn on the cob with country music, loads of butter and so much fun made for a perfect way to end the summer BBQ season!

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