Apple Fest at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Apple Fest at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Fall is a special time of year. Many of us have fond memories of trips to a local farm to pick apples without our families.

The Glen Abbey Residents were given the opportunity to take their tastebuds back to the farm with mouthwatering treats that were prepared with local apples by the Glen Abbey Culinary team.

The aroma of fresh apple turnovers and apple tarts filled the Residence. When the time came to enjoy the treats, the desserts were served to excited Residents with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and a mug of hot apple cider.

It was a cozy feeling enjoying the delicious treats indoors while the rain gently poured outside. Residents were introduced to their new Sous Chef who prepared the wonderful desserts, and everyone agreed that they were absolutely delicious!

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