Oktoberfest at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Oktoberfest at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Although Oktoberfest originally began as a wedding celebration more than two hundred years ago, in modern times it is a worldwide phenomenon that celebrates Bavarian food, drink and culture.

Although the primary Oktoberfest celebration that is held in Munich Germany every year has been cancelled due to COVID-19, the Residents of Delmanor Elgin Mills had an excellent time at their own Oktoberfest celebration.

The Delmanor LivingWell Team took great pride outfitting the drink trolley with the colours and familiar brands of Oktoberfest. Renee and Whitney from the LivingWell team were dressed in traditional dirndl costumes while they served Residents individually packed pretzels with a refreshing beverage. Many Residents even got in the spirit by wearing a pair of fun pretzel glasses.

Finding new ways to celebrate old traditions and customs has been an interesting challenge to the Delmanor team this year. With some changes to social distancing and extra care, everyone at Delmanor Elgin Mills has been able to enjoy some of the annual festivals and events that bring them so much joy.

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