Health & Wellness Education Session at Delmanor Northtown

Health & Wellness Education Session at Delmanor Northtown

Today, maintaining our health and wellness is more important than ever before.

The Health and Wellness fair at Delmanor Northtown was smaller in size this year, but it focused on many important practices and suggestions to improve and protect our health. Residents learned about the benefits of vitamins and herbal teas, practicing mindfulness, keeping up with cognitive programs, fitness and balance programs, proper hand washing and infection control, preventing COVID-19 and the availability of flu vaccinations as some of the important topics that were covered this year.

Delmanor Northtown had nursing staff, health professionals and our LivingWell Coach on hand to answer any questions and concerns that came from the Residents during their Wellness Sessions.

Residents were able to interact in a safe and less stressful environment in order to obtain useful products and education handouts as well as to have an opportunity to ask questions about their own health and COVID-19, as well as what they can do to protect themselves.

While we are all focusing more on our health and that of our families and friends during this pandemic, educating ourselves about best practices and learning about new products and programs that help us stay healthy are of great concern and benefit to the Northtown Residents. The Health & Wellness Sessions were extremely well received this year and many Residents were thrilled with this opportunity to focus on their health and that of their family and friends.

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