Apple Harvest at Delmanor Wynford

Apple Harvest at Delmanor Wynford

We are so fortunate in Southern Ontario to have a season that produces an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy with our families. The Delmanor Wynford Culinary team held an apple harvest to showcase the blessing of Ontario grown apples in a delicious crispy apple strudel.

The Chefs at Delmanor always try to use as much locally sourced food as possible to optimize freshness and nutrition for the Residents. Along with apples and pears, we are fortunate to have delicious root vegetables that create hearty and tasty meals for the cooler days ahead.

Delmanor Wynford provides meals that are exciting for the Residents due to their unique flavours and irresistible taste. By including as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, Residents are also receiving optimal nutrition to keep their health and wellness at its best.

When choosing a community to spend your retirement years, please click here to read more about Delmanor Wynford, or you can contact Ashley Bourne or Kelly James at (416) 331-9797. Our Culinary team is happy to create private menus for Residents or guests that have nutritional limitations or requirements.

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