Hallowe’en Festivities at Delmanor Northtown

Hallowe’en Festivities at Delmanor Northtown

Hallowe’en at Delmanor Northtown provided the opportunity to decorate our community with spooky decor and listen to classic and fun Hallowe’en music.

The Delmanor Northtown Chefs began the event by utilizing their impressive carving and knife skills when designing the decorative pumpkins for the special evening.

Since many of us have been eating extra treats and wearing masks almost all year, Hallowe’en night festivities fit in perfectly for 2020! Although trick or treating was put on hold this year, at Delmanor Northtown Residents enjoyed plenty of treats and special desserts while staying safe in this unique time.

The Northtown team and Residents put a little extra effort into their costume choices this year to make it extra amusing and fun. Everyone got to work with sewing machines and glue guns to create costumes along with unique attire that came directly from their very own closets.

Some Residents wore fun masks over their regular face masks to allow a wide range of fun and safe costumes. There were good witches, spooky witches and super heroes, to name a few. Some Residents had expertly applied theatrical makeup that took hours to apply that was definitely worth the work! It caused passersby to stop and take a double take!

Some Residents created costumes that were tricky to figure out, while others involved humorous puns and play-on-words that left others guessing and laughing!

Hallowe’en was a fantastic opportunity to gather safely to have fun with friends. Laughter, creativity, and sweet treats were all part of this years Halloween celebrations!

To learn more about Delmanor Northtown, please click here or you can contact Christie or Laurie at (416) 225-9146.

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