‘Tis The Time To Be Cheery!

‘Tis The Time To Be Cheery!

With the impact that COVID-19 is having on all of our lives and well-being, the culinary team at Delmanor Wynford has been eager to start showcasing the many delicious treats that most of us look forward to over the holiday season.

Even though it is still slightly early for Christmas, with the struggles that we have endured this year, a sneak peak into what we have in store for us over the upcoming weeks brought joy and cheer to the Residents as only the holidays can.

The Delmanor Wynford Culinary team had a festive take on a traditional brownie that combined holiday flavours such as ginger, molasses and spices to create a gingerbread brownie that will become a treat offered on our rotating menu over the holiday season.

Delmanor Wynford is dedicated to bringing holiday cheer to our Residents and community as a whole each year. Both traditional holiday treats as well as new takes on old classics provide an exciting element of holiday celebrations that we all look forward to each year!

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