Delmanor Prince Edward’s First Snowfall Contest

Delmanor Prince Edward’s First Snowfall Contest

Often people wonder if an early snowfall is a sign of a hard winter to come. The first snowfall came a little early this year, but that doesn’t mean that we have months of heavy snow ahead of us.

The Residents and Team Members of Delmanor Prince Edward decided to have a contest to celebrate the first snowfall of the year. By the end of October, Residents and team members were encouraged to predict when they felt that the first snow would fall.

We wish to ask everyone to put their mitts back on so they can clap for the top three winners in their first snowfall style! The single constant and predictable thing about weather in Canada during fall is that it is unpredictable! The three winners called the arrival of the first flakes, even though their arrival was too early for most of the Prince Edward Residents!

Fun ways to socialize while still coming together to celebrate our season is part of what helps to provide the best quality of life for our Residents as we are living in our new normal for now.

To learn more about Retirement living at Delmanor Prince Edward, please click here or you may contact Julie or Pam (416) 233-0725.

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