Hot Chocolate Bar at Delmanor Glen Abbey!

Hot Chocolate Bar at Delmanor Glen Abbey!

As the air began to chill, signalling the start of cooler days to come, Delmanor Glen Abbey Residents were treated to a decadent hot chocolate bar to enjoy with friends.

The warm, delicious cups of hot chocolate were paired with toppings that were too enticing to resist! Some of the Residents chose whipped cream with candy cane pieces, while others chose cookie sticks, chocolate spoons and sprinkles. The classic choice of marshmallows was definitely still one of the most popular requests, since few can resist hot chocolate with marshmallows!

The Glen Abbey Residents either relaxed in our spacious pub and enjoyed their beverage socially distanced from friends, or took it back to their suite to enjoy from the comfort of their own couch.

Even during a time when we are apart from loved ones, Delmanor Glen Abbey Residents are still able to have fun and safely socialize with friends and neighbours. The exciting and delicious treats are just one of the many highlights of living at Delmanor. You can learn more by clicking here, or you can contact Monique at (905) 469-3232.

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