Canadian Artist Lucie Simons Celebrates Her 100th Birthday!

Canadian Artist Lucie Simons Celebrates Her 100th Birthday!

Lucie is a Canadian artist and printmaker who specializes in hand printed serigraphs, original oil paintings, original watercolour paintings, and has a career that spans over six decades! Lucie has exhibited her works at John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Windsor, Doris McCarthy Gallery – University of Toronto Scarborough, and the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto.

Lucie recently celebrated her 100th birthday with her Delmanor Wynford family of fellow Residents & Team Members that were included in this special event. Everyone was thrilled to be able to share in this day with Lucie as well as the delicious eclair for dessert that also happens to be Lucie’s favourite treat.

Lucie was congratulated by her fellow Residents with flowers, balloons, kind words and many birthday cards. She continued the celebration with her family throughout the afternoon via a virtual Zoom party. 

Lucie has been a cherished resident of Delmanor Wynford for almost three years and we were all so happy that we could share this special day with her. Life is about sharing your most precious and special moments with friends and loved ones and we were honoured to be able to celebrate this milestone birthday with Lucie, even during the restrictions that are a result of the pandemic.

Delmanor Wynford provides an environment that ensures Residents are able to safely connect with other Residents, while staying active, and enjoying healthy and delicious meals, all of which contribute to a happier and more inspired retirement lifestyle.

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