A Surprise 90th Birthday Event at Delmanor Elgin Mills

A Surprise 90th Birthday Event at Delmanor Elgin Mills

In the time of COVID-19, celebrating birthdays and special events is very different. A Delmanor Elgin Mills Resident was treated to a surprise 90th birthday celebration with his wonderful family. A group that would not let this pandemic stand in the way of showing their loved one how much he is loved and missed during this time.

Family members created a large sign that could be seen from the Resident’s suite window. This incredible family is filled with talented musicians that joined together to play happy birthday, while our special Resident watched from a safe distance.

This Delmanor Elgin Mills Resident was filled with joy! His lovely grand-daughter who recently learned how to play the trumpet recognized this special day with this as her very first live concert! Her talent was evident while many of the Residents listened to this heartfelt display of love and talent.

At Delmanor Elgin Mills we always strive to bring families closer, even during a time when we have to find different ways of being together.

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