The Gift of Knitted Twiddle Muffs

The Gift of Knitted Twiddle Muffs

The talented knitting group at Delmanor Northtown love being able to give back to their community, and never more so than during the holidays.

The Northtown knitting group decided to focus their efforts on special gifts this season for the seniors that reside in communities that provide three levels of care including specialized care for those living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Delmanor Northtown has a sister property that is home to seniors with advanced levels of dementia and Alzheimer’s. This is why it was especially meaningful for the Northtown knitters to create knitted twiddle muffs for members of their extended Northtown family this holiday season.

The twiddle muffs were lovingly created in charming colours with unique and innovative designs. The knitters used items such as buttons, ribbons, beads, and carefully selected fabrics and yarns for their final products.

For those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, many games and other forms of entertainment can become ineffective as the disease progresses into the advanced stages. Restless hands and minds are in need of stimulation and activities that do not overwhelm. For those with behaviour such as fidgeting, twiddle muffs provide a source of visual, tactile, and sensory stimulus. By keeping hands occupied, the twiddle muffs provide comfort and a sense of calm.

This year has been incredibly challenging for so many. The Delmanor Northtown Residents felt much joy by helping other seniors this year. The gift of twiddle muffs provides a feeling of security, therapeutic amusement and warmth that will be very helpful during the cold winter months ahead.

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