Christmas Hug Delivery at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Christmas Hug Delivery at Delmanor Elgin Mills

There is something very special about Christmas time, it is that time of year when we don’t only come together as families, but communities as well.

A local community group called “The Rise and Shine Seniors Project” provides support and love to seniors during the holidays. During this challenging time, the group has made changes so that ‘when our arms can’t reach, our hearts can’. Hand-written cards were delivered to the Elgin Mills Residents with little goodie bags full of sweets that were appropriately referred to as “Christmas Hugs”.

Residents were overjoyed when they received the heartfelt gifts. Feeling the love and support from their local community brought happiness and joy at a time when many Residents are sad and missing family and friends.

Experiencing new things and having events held at home are more important than ever this year. The Elgin Mills Residents had a night to remember with this very thoughtful and generous display of love and community!

Please click here to learn more about retirement living at Delmanor Elgin Mills or contact Susan, Kyle or Keri at (905) 770-7963.

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