Christmas Traditions at Delmanor Wynford

Christmas Traditions at Delmanor Wynford

For the last few years it has been a Wynford tradition to have an excursion to cut down a real tree for everyone to enjoy and celebrate at Christmas time.

Given the circumstances upon us this year, the Wynford team decided to venture out for a tree while Residents zoomed in from the safety of Delmanor Wynford.

As always, the team searched the Christmas tree farm for the perfect tree, cut it down and then placed it in the Wynford Centre perfectly decorated for all to enjoy!

The Wynford team has worked to continue our holiday traditions, but in a 2020 way. Our Residents have been able to participate in activities virtually so that they may participate in the experiences while being safe.

While many things are different around the world this Christmas, we have all been very grateful to honour and enjoy our Wynford holiday traditions, with a twist, making Christmas jus as special as in years gone by!

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