The Personal Shoppers of Delmanor Wynford

The Personal Shoppers of Delmanor Wynford

Since the pandemic began in March, Residents have had to adjust to their new normal, and that includes losing the benefits of regular excursions and visits from family and friends.

Prior to the pandemic, Residents had regular excursions in order to pick up supplies and to do any shopping that was needed. With restrictions in place and in order to stay safe, Residents became very limited in their ability to shop. The Delmanor Team immediately stepped into action and have become personal shoppers for our Residents since restrictions came into place earlier this year.

Residents submit their lists to their personal shopping team who then proceed to pick up the items requested so that Residents can remain safely in their suites while still having everything they need on hand.

Ensuring the safety of our Residents while at the same time making sure that as many conveniences can be maintained as possible is our way of trying to preserve some normalcy during a time when things are definitely not normal.

It was difficult for Residents when bus excursions had to be halted for safety. The Delmanor team immediately saw the need to fill this gap and provide a shopping service for items that Residents would normally have taken care of themselves or have had completed by family members.

Ashley, Steve and Tiffany have been providing this service to the Delmanor Wynford Residents since the pandemic began and are committed to being there for our Residents as personal shoppers for as long as they are needed.

Please click here if you would like to learn more about Retirement living at Delmanor Wynford, or you can contact Ashley or Kelly at (416) 331-9797.

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