Delmanor Northtown Gives Back to Harvest Food Bank

Delmanor Northtown Gives Back to Harvest Food Bank

2020 was a challenging and difficult year for many people and especially for those families who lost their income. At Delmanor Northtown we wanted to support families, seniors and children in our community that are struggling with food insecurity and to help provide access to nourishing meals.  

Millions of visits are made by people to food banks in our city. Food banks in Toronto reported that their visits grew 20 percent in June and 50 percent in August, when compared to 2019.  

No Canadian should go hungry, and we can all do something to lend a helping hand to someone in need. Delmanor Northtown staff and residents put their heads together (virtually of course) and came up with a way to raise hundreds of dollars in one day!  We sold tickets to our team and Residents for a 50/50 draw with proceeds going to the North York Harvest Food Bank.  

One of our residents made jewelry during the time that she spent indoors staying safe during COVID-19. Ruth donated all of the proceeds from the sale of her lovely jewelry to help with our fundraising event. Her table was empty just hours after starting her sale!    

Delmanor Northtown recognized the volunteers and employees at the North York Harvest Food Bank that worked extra hard this holiday season. We brought treats made by our Delmanor Chefs as a gesture of appreciation for their selfless actions. We were all grateful that we were able to help by raising funds to assist those in our community in need this holiday season.

Please click here to learn more about Delmanor Northtown or contact Laurie at (416) 225-9146.

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