The Delmanor COVID-19 Vaccine Warriors

The Delmanor COVID-19 Vaccine Warriors

While most of Ontario has been hunkering down and following public health guidelines to slow the spread of COVID-19, brilliant scientists have been working tirelessly to create vaccines that will eventually defeat this virus that has impacted every part of the globe.

Delmanor Communities have been blessed that our Residents and team members have been able to protect themselves and others by eagerly accepting the vaccine and rolling up their sleeves for themselves and others. While it is not mandatory to receive the vaccine, it is highly encouraged so that all of us can do our part for the greater good and to save lives. 

The Delmanor Communities in Toronto and Richmond Hill have become “Vaccine Warriors”! Residents and team members gleamed with appreciation and excitement when it was their turn to receive the life saving vaccine. Not a single person can say that this pandemic has not touched their lives in some way, some more tragically than others. When the vaccine arrived, Residents and team members were thrilled to participate and be a part of ending this pandemic and returning our society and families back to which we all desperate desire. 

Everyone at Delmanor understands the gravity of the second wave of COVID-19 and how it is effecting our communities. Being a Vaccine Warrior means that each of us is doing our part to help curb the rate at which COVID cases are rising in Ontario.

Despite the virus fatigue that many of us feel, missing our loved ones, special holidays, and cherished events, we must all unite together to remain strong as brighter days are ahead! If we all do our part, maintain social distancing, hand hygiene and avoid crowds, the vaccine will be able to do its job and soon we will be able to hug our loved ones once again and enjoy the moments of togetherness that we all so desperately long for.

While times remain challenging, Delmanor and its Vaccine Warriors remain vigilant to do our part to protect ourselves and others. We follow strict public health guidelines to protect our Residents with personal protective equipment, social distancing and mandatory masks. We closed our dining rooms and provide room service dining to prevent the risks that are associated with gatherings. Delmanor has limited visits to essential workers only and have allowed team members to work in only one community to help prevent transmission. 

At a time of great struggle, comes great unity. We are deeply united to each other and our communities. Together, as Vaccine Warriors, we look forward to putting this pandemic behind us.

To learn more about Delmanor’s COVID-19 updates, please click here.

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