Celebrating Robbie Burns at Delmanor Northtown

Celebrating Robbie Burns at Delmanor Northtown

Delmanor Northtown has ten years of Robbie Burns Day Celebrations in our memories. Never before however, have we celebrated Scotland’s famous poet during a global pandemic! So this year, we had to change things up in order to enjoy the day while still being safe at home.

With pubs and restaurants closed this year to help curb the spread of COVID-19, Residents stayed home to celebrate with traditional haggis, shortbread and whiskey delivered to their doors.

Traditional Scottish music filled the halls of Delmanor Northtown while Residents were able to share a toast with neighbours from a distance and share stories about past trips to Scotland. Some Residents even wore their favourite tartan for the special day!

Residents were invited to join a Zoom presentation that showcased Robbie Burns and his famous poetry. The presentation featured the beautiful Scottish highlands and historic cities of Scotland that were enjoyed with a wee dram of whiskey!

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