A Pantry with Heart

A Pantry with Heart

When many desperately needed food banks closed last year due to COVID, a team of imaginative organizers partnered with a local food bank to create Mabelle Pantry.

The Mabelle Food Program operates with Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank to help provide a healthy food package to households in the community that have food insecurities. The Pantry is a farmer’s market style food bank that is held in Mabelle Park in Etobicoke.

Managed by a small team of directors and supported by forty volunteers, the program is fuelled by a deep passion to help others.

During the Spring and Summer, the Green Team lovingly tends to an organic garden that is located on Islington United Church Property. The garden is cared for by volunteers that grow fresh organic produce that is then donated to the Mabelle Food Program.

Mabelle Park is a community hub that local residents have built together over the past 14 years, transforming it from a neglected green space into a vibrant community meeting spot. Each Wednesday one hundred households benefit from Mabelle’s Pantry and are very grateful to all of the generous volunteers that help to make this community initiative possible.

Delmanor Prince Edward is thrilled to be a community partner in this initiative. We were delighted to provide each of the households with freshly baked homemade cookies. When the grateful participants in Mabelle’s Pantry arrived for their complimentary bag of fresh produce, the addition of home made cookies was a lovely surprise.

In these troubled times we have seen industries, businesses, celebrities and every day citizens stepping up to help out those that are struggling. Delmanor Prince Edward is very proud to partner with Islington United Church to help support others and to bring a smile to neighbours in our community.

Please click here to learn more about Delmanor Prince Edward, or contact Julie or Pam at (416) 233-0725 for more information.

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