Alfresco Dining Experience at Delmanor Prince Edward

There was no better way for a group of Delmanor Prince Edward residents to take advantage of perfect summer weather and delectable food and drink than to dine alfresco under the bright sun and blue sky on the Riverside Terrace.  The term alfresco comes from the Italian language and loosely translated means “in fresh air.” […]

Delmanor Northtown’s Peach Festival

What’s the sign of a delicious summer peach? Chins dripping with juicy goodness and a peach-infused smile! There were plenty of those on Wednesday night as Delmanor Northtown residents enjoyed some freshly-picked Niagara peaches. Did you know that the Niagara region produces 95% of Ontario’s peach crop, and 85% nationally? The Niagara region has a lot […]

The Sounds of the Caribbean on the Delmanor Prince Edward Terrace

The weather has been glorious lately and the Residents of Delmanor Prince Edward have been enjoying being outside as much as possible. Many outdoor events have been planned this summer including a Caribbean celebration that involved excellent entertainment that took everyone on a musical vacation to the Caribbean. The Riverside Terrace and beyond was filled […]

Team Building with Cultural Cuisine at Delmanor Wynford

The Delmanor Wynford culinary team takes part in Chef’s Choice lunch specials where the Chef is given the opportunity to create a special dish to share with fellow team members. This Chef’s Choice meal consisted of a cultural lunch special called Filipino Pansit. This dish was created with noodles, cauliflower, onions, celery, peppers and garnished […]

Delmanor Elgin Mills Hosts “Caribana” ~ Virtual Style!

Many of us have happy memories when reminiscing about Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival (Caribana). The festival fills Torontonians and beyond with feel-good vibes and a joyful and vibrant perspective that come from the fifty three years of celebrating since the festival began. Deidrey Francois is a fan favourite performer that many of the Elgin Mills Residents […]

The Journey Continues For the Northtown Monarchs

With travel restrictions due to COVID-19, the boarder may be closed between Canada and United States for people at least until the end of August. However, one of the world’s longest insect migrations from Canada to Mexico continues for the monarch butterfly. Each autumn monarchs will set out on their incredible journey of two thousand and five […]