Delmanor Wynford Resident Meeting – Virtual Style

Delmanor Wynford’s Monthly Resident Meetings have always been very popular and well attended, usually seeing about half of the Resident population eager to take part each month. During COVID-19 however, with guidelines constantly evolving, the Delmanor Team decided to attempt a virtual Resident meeting. By arranging an on-line meeting, Residents were able to be informed […]

Emotional Well-Being Lecture at Delmanor Northtown

At Delmanor Northtown we are fortunate that we have professionals in a variety of fields living within our community. Part of the magic of our community is how Residents come together to share their individual skills and expertise that come from each and every unique and fascinating lifetime. Treasured Northtown Resident Betty Rae shared her […]

Thankful and Blessed at Delmanor Prince Edwad

One of the greatest challenges of 2020 has been to stay positive and to maintain hope that the COVID-19 pandemic shall soon pass. The Delmanor Prince Edward Residents have managed to keep their spirits up during these challenging times by living in a safe community and staying active. While social distancing and other preventative measures […]