Christina Perch – Delmanor Glen Abbey’s Interim Health & Wellness Manager

Christina has been with Delmanor Glen Abbey for close to 5 years and has been an integral part since joining our team in August 2015.  Christina encompasses our core values through her kindness, compassion and respect, she is dedicated to both our Residents and Team members.  With her genuine and caring nature Christina is committed […]


Jovan Ross joined Delmanor Prince Edward in 2016. Jovan is passionate and kind in his words.  A resident at Delmanor Prince Edward describes Jovan as a true healer.  “He places his hand on my arm and my tremors go away!” Jovan is dedicated to working hard and nothing is ever left unfinished! This is no easy feat when […]

Alberto Macaraeg – Delmanor Northtown’s Health & Wellness Manager

For close to six years Alberto has been an integral part of the Delmanor Northtown family. From his humble beginnings as a part-time nurse, Alberto took over the position of Health & Wellness Manager in September 2019, filling the big shoes of his predecessor and long-time Manager, Evelyn Maramba. For our community, Alberto has brought […]

A Basket of Gratitude for Delmanor Glen Abbey

The Delmanor Glen Abbey Team were recipients of a beautiful gratitude basket from a grateful resident & family filled with “kind” bars and “merci” chocolates. The basket was adorned with beautiful flowers along with hand-written notes of encouragement for the team that delighted and uplifted everyone who read them. Even during the best of times, […]

Frances Luz – Delmanor Wynford’s Health & Wellness Manager

Frances has been a wonderful addition to the Delmanor Wynford Family. She always comes into work with a pleasant demeanor and positive attitude! She is dedicated to both the Team and the Residents of Delmanor Wynford and is committed to providing the care and support our residents require.   Frances leads a fantastic team of […]