Thanksgiving at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Although things were a little different this year, the Residents of Delmanor Glen Abbey still enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating everything they have to be grateful for. The delicious feast consisted of butternut squash soup, cranberry and apple salad and either roasted turkey or honey ham. When the Residents thought they couldn’t eat another bite, […]

Health & Wellness Education Session at Delmanor Northtown

Today, maintaining our health and wellness is more important than ever before. The Health and Wellness fair at Delmanor Northtown was smaller in size this year, but it focused on many important practices and suggestions to improve and protect our health. Residents learned about the benefits of vitamins and herbal teas, practicing mindfulness, keeping up […]

Autumn Colours at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Autumn is a glorious time of year. The warm days and cooler evenings provide the perfect environment for comfortable walks and the opportunity to take in the breathtaking colours from the Autumn leaves. The Delmanor Elgin Mills Residents spent a lovely afternoon enjoying mother nature’s splendour on a walk around the beautifully maintained property and […]

Oktoberfest at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Although Oktoberfest originally began as a wedding celebration more than two hundred years ago, in modern times it is a worldwide phenomenon that celebrates Bavarian food, drink and culture. Although the primary Oktoberfest celebration that is held in Munich Germany every year has been cancelled due to COVID-19, the Residents of Delmanor Elgin Mills had […]