Medals of Appreciation for Delmanor Elgin Mills

In appreciation and recognition for the Delmanor Elgin Mills team, one of our Resident’s daughters purchased Recognition Medals from the Royal Canadian Mint to present to the heroes of Delmanor Elgin Mills. The Royal Canadian Mint has proudly created a unique keepsake that pays tribute to the tremendous contributions of essential workers across Canada. The […]

Delmanor Elgin Mills Hosts “Caribana” ~ Virtual Style!

Many of us have happy memories when reminiscing about Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival (Caribana). The festival fills Torontonians and beyond with feel-good vibes and a joyful and vibrant perspective that come from the fifty three years of celebrating since the festival began. Deidrey Francois is a fan favourite performer that many of the Elgin Mills Residents […]

The DelMarket at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Delmanor Elgin Mills has their very own “market” within the building for small purchases as well as for special order items. Prior to the restrictions brought upon us from COVID-19, Residents would volunteer their time helping out in the market, but now during recent restrictions, LivingWell Manager Renee Saint-Martin and Michelle White, General Manager, are […]