Famous Lovers Seminar at Delmanor Elgin Mills

To coincide with Valentine’s Day, Delmanor Elgin Mills welcomed Lianne Harris to share her presentation of ‘Famous Lovers‘ with the Residents of Delmanor Elgin Mills & community members. Lianne provided the audience with a peak inside the intimate, daring, wrenching, and even tempestuous private lives of some of history’s most famous couples. History is full […]

Delmanor Elgin Mills Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society

In recognition of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, Delmanor Elgin Mills decided to host a Pancake Fundraiser breakfast with all proceeds going to the York Region Alzheimer’s Society to help those living with Alzheimer’s and to assist with all of the beneficial work that they do. It is important to recognize the support that the Alzheimer’s Society […]

Delmanor Elgin Mills Holiday Party

The Delmanor Elgin Mills residents and their families eagerly await the annual holiday party which is definitely the most anticipated event of the year. The entire main floor of Delmanor Elgin Mills was transformed into a winter wonderland that brought everyone who entered into a state of Christmas spirit bliss. The beautiful Elgin Room was […]

Honoring Veterans Through Music at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Delmanor Elgin Mills held a musical event with Skylark Vocal Trio, a dynamic music act that brought their Remembrance Day show to the Elgin Mills residents. It is important to everyone at Elgin Mills to honor Veterans. Finding different ways to show respect and give thanks to our Veterans is always top of the resident’s […]

Richmond Hill Legion’s Unveiling of Veteran Banners Event

A banner honoring local veterans was recently unveiled at Richmond hill Legion Branch 375 with a formal service and dinner, along with delicious desserts provided by the Delmanor Culinary Team. The banners honoring the veterans will be removed mid October and installed on lamp posts along Yonge Street close to the cenotaph where the annual […]

Delmanor Elgin Mills Visits Ripley’s Aquarium!

Delmanor Elgin Mills residents recently spent a wonderful day at the undersea world of Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium. The excitement began on the bus to Ripley’s when it was discovered that half of the residents on the trip had never been to the popular ten year old Toronto tourist attraction! The Elgin Mills residents spent the […]