Thanksgiving at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Although things were a little different this year, the Residents of Delmanor Glen Abbey still enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating everything they have to be grateful for. The delicious feast consisted of butternut squash soup, cranberry and apple salad and either roasted turkey or honey ham. When the Residents thought they couldn’t eat another bite, […]

Delmanor Glen Abbey Hosts a Champagne and Charcuterie Party!

Delmanor Glen Abbey Residents were treated to a charcuterie party that was complimented with champagne to honour the very special ladies of Delmanor. A charcuterie primarily consists of prepared pork products such as bacon, ham and sausage that are assembled with cheese, fruits, vegetables, crackers and breads. A charcuterie is normally served on platters, but […]

Feeling Peachy at Delmanor Glen Abbey!

Celebrating summer is never a challenge at Delmanor Glen Abbey, but when we added sweet delicious peaches on a hot summer day, it made for a wonderful peach-fest celebration enjoyed by all! The culinary team prepared delicious peach pastries and peach cobblers for the Residents to enjoy while sipping on refreshing beverages served by the […]