Safe, Secure and Happy at Delmanor Prince Edward

Reassuring routines with fun socially distant activities are keeping the Delmanor Prince Edward residents entertained, safe and happy. For many of our residents staying connected with family and friends is key to their happiness. This is why we have worked to maintain many of our familiar daily activities with some changes, while using technology and […]

Staying Fit and Staying Safe at Delmanor Northtown

Fitness promotes good health and wards off illness. It can also help to prevent illness such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke, while maintaining bone density and building muscle.  An added bonus of being fit is that it can make you look and feel younger! When you home and staying safe indoors […]

Inspired Room Service During COVID-19

IAt the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Delmanor was one of the first retirement operators to make the difficult but necessary decision to close the dining rooms and commence room service. The entire culinary operation changed overnight. The team seamlessly mastered all menu requests, sorting and numbering meals, and delivering them promptly and safely to […]

BeWell Minute – Fight or Flight

What’s in your “Fight or Flight Hub and Spoke”? Please take a moment to watch our latest BeWell Minute on our fight or flight response to the added stress we all have as a result of this global pandemic. This week is all about awareness so that next week we can build our tool kit […]

BeWell Minute – Relaxation

Relaxation As we navigate these challenging times, the LivingWell Coaches would like to offer you a BeWell Minute. Today’s BeWell Minute topic is Relaxation: Struggling to fall asleep or go back to sleep? Try this breathing technique to help “Release, Relax and Let Go. Quote: Don’t wait for the storms of life to pass by, […]

LivingWell – Breathing!

Steps to LivingWell™ Put a spring in your step! If you detect a whiff of spring in the air, now is the ideal time to make the most of it. Health experts say taking daily breaks in the fresh air can help us relax, but can also offer a whole range of health benefits. From […]

Drug Interaction Seminar at Delmanor Northtown

A great way to begin any New Year is to start by being healthy! There are an abundance of vitamins, foods, natural products, prescription and non-prescriptions drugs that are available to us today. It is no surprise that drug interactions have become a growing concern. Abby, a fourth year pharmacy student who has a strong […]

Active Aging with the Hula Hoop to Health Workshop at Delmanor Northtown

Our health is truly our greatest treasure. At Delmanor Northtown, Residents took healthy living to a whole new level. While celebrating “Active Aging Week”, Residents participated in many active and wellness oriented programs, including the “Hula Hoop to Health & Fitness” Workshop with registered Kinesiologist Judy Chu. Judy Chu is a Fitness & Health Specialist, […]

A Chapter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away…

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a good book during the lazy days of summer. Seniors who regularly enjoy reading are doing more than just enjoying a great story. There have been studies to show that reading helps older adults reduce stress, improve memory, have better quality sleep and may even extend […]