Drug Interaction Seminar at Delmanor Northtown

A great way to begin any New Year is to start by being healthy! There are an abundance of vitamins, foods, natural products, prescription and non-prescriptions drugs that are available to us today. It is no surprise that drug interactions have become a growing concern. Abby, a fourth year pharmacy student who has a strong […]

Active Aging with the Hula Hoop to Health Workshop at Delmanor Northtown

Our health is truly our greatest treasure. At Delmanor Northtown, Residents took healthy living to a whole new level. While celebrating “Active Aging Week”, Residents participated in many active and wellness oriented programs, including the “Hula Hoop to Health & Fitness” Workshop with registered Kinesiologist Judy Chu. Judy Chu is a Fitness & Health Specialist, […]

A Chapter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away…

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a good book during the lazy days of summer. Seniors who regularly enjoy reading are doing more than just enjoying a great story. There have been studies to show that reading helps older adults reduce stress, improve memory, have better quality sleep and may even extend […]

Steps to LivingWell

Even though March is just around the corner, the cold weather and lack of strong sunshine can result in the February blahs that don’t thaw until spring. It’s that time of year when our energy drops, exercise dwindles and our new year’s resolutions lose their zest! There are many ways to stay energized and healthy […]

Out of the cold Sock Drive

Our first ever “Out of the Cold Sock Drive” was embraced by residents and team members from all of our Delmanor properties! Our friendly competition between sister sites raised a whopping 912 pairs of socks! This initiative is to support homelessness in our community by providing as many new pairs of socks as we can. Socks […]

Steps to LivingWell

December is typically a busy month with social engagements, house guests, visiting, shopping and all the other “to-dos”, and can be stressful and overwhelming for many. The holidays can bring additional stress from multiple travel plans, changes in routines and even seasonal depression. Try these five helpful tips to minimize your stress. Set realistic goals: […]

Steps to LivingWell

Since you need fewer calories as you age, it might be tempting to skip meals or cut snacks to keep your weight in check. But if you miss breakfast, go too long without eating, or snack on sweets, you may not only set yourself up for diet disaster but speed up the aging process as […]

Delmanor Wynford Residents Learn Nordic Pole Walking!

Delmanor Wynford Residents and Community Members, joined with Greg Bellamy from Nordixx Pole Walking for a Nordic Ski Pole Walking Demonstration. Greg’s informative presentation included details on cross country ski origins, along with the wonderful health benefits that can be achieved with pole walking.  The activity uses 90% of the body’s muscles and burns twice […]

Technology Seminar at Delmanor Northtown

Residents and invited guests of Delmanor Northtown were given the opportunity to learn about some of the latest developments in technology! Delmanor Northtown welcomed Chris, a University of Toronto graduate with a degree in Communication, Culture and Information Technology, who has been helping generations stay connected for many years. The seminar focused on the many […]