A Month of Food Festivals at Delmanor Prince Edward

Two very special epicurean evenings were recently held at Delmanor Prince Edward much to the delight of our Residents. Fresh Ontario peaches from our neighbouring Niagara region were highlighted at the Peach Festival Dinner. Not only are Ontario peaches sweet, soft and delicious, they are also an excellent source of vitamins A and C. Peaches […]

Alfresco Dining Experience at Delmanor Prince Edward

There was no better way for a group of Delmanor Prince Edward residents to take advantage of perfect summer weather and delectable food and drink than to dine alfresco under the bright sun and blue sky on the Riverside Terrace.  The term alfresco comes from the Italian language and loosely translated means “in fresh air.” […]

The Sounds of the Caribbean on the Delmanor Prince Edward Terrace

The weather has been glorious lately and the Residents of Delmanor Prince Edward have been enjoying being outside as much as possible. Many outdoor events have been planned this summer including a Caribbean celebration that involved excellent entertainment that took everyone on a musical vacation to the Caribbean. The Riverside Terrace and beyond was filled […]

A Very Special Platinum Wedding Anniversary Celebration!

The entire team at Delmanor Prince Edward joined with Residents to celebrate a very special couple on their Platinum Wedding Anniversary! This remarkable milestone was definitely an important not only for the special couple, but for family and friends that joined them to celebrate their special day. Seventy remarkable years together! It’s awe inspiring that […]

Safe, Secure and Happy at Delmanor Prince Edward

Reassuring routines with fun socially distant activities are keeping the Delmanor Prince Edward residents entertained, safe and happy. For many of our residents staying connected with family and friends is key to their happiness. This is why we have worked to maintain many of our familiar daily activities with some changes, while using technology and […]

Delmanor Prince Edward Thanking Our Frontline Workers

As the coronavirus pandemic has upended life for nearly everyone, our essential service workers have faced more risk than most. The front line workers have been working throughout this pandemic, overwhelmed at times, but have been showing up for all of us. Delmanor Prince Edward’s front line workers were celebrated for their hard work and […]

The Prince Edward Team Thanks Our Families

The Delmanor Prince Edward team members wanted to send a heartfelt thank you message to the wonderfully supportive families of their Residents. The support and encouragement that is displayed by family towards the team never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. During this extra challenging time however, Delmanor Prince Edward wanted to send something out to all […]