Anti-Aging & Longevity Seminar Held at Delmanor Prince Edward

 Dr. Tony Ruprecht has a fascinating background whereby he has been embraced by Pope John Paul II, met Queen Elizabeth II and was also the former Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism. Last month, Residents of Delmanor Prince Edward were WOWED with a presentation on Anti-Aging and Longevity: Mind-Body Power for Radiant Health by Dr. Ruprecht. […]

Northtown’s Visit from the Delmanor Mobile Tiki Bar!

We are navigating a “new normal” at a time when everyone is anxious about health and safety. Increased sanitization, individual meal service, checks from our on-site nursing team, delegated shopping to provide essentials, virtual conversations, proper parcel handling, and social distancing, are all now a part of our daily routine at Delmanor.  While residents can […]

Delmanor Wynford’s Winterlude Celebration!

Delmanor Wynford residents embraced our Canadian winter weather with a unique event that included activities that are nostalgic for many residents, but new for others. Although many Canadians prefer the warm summer months, we can not overlook all that our Canadian winters have to offer. Winter sports activities and rituals we undertake each year are […]

Delmanor Wynford’s Passport to the World – Brazil

As the largest country in South America, and with over twenty-one million people, Brazil is one of the most multi-cultural and ethnically diverse nations in the world. With the diversity in its people and culture, to its beautiful landscapes and festivals, the country of Brazil is a fascinating destination. The residents of Delmanor Wynford and […]

For the Love of Research & Innovation Symposium

Scarborough Health Network held its first ever Love of Research and Innovation Symposium to celebrate the efforts to transform the patient experience through innovation, education and research. Delmanor Wynford was proud to be a sponsor of this event that showcased the excellent work of the Scarborough Health Network colleagues and team members in the community […]

Small Steps! The Power of Simple Friendliness written by Delmanor Northtown Resident, Vince.

Every day, we have opportunities to take small steps that could lead to something big. Here are two examples of the power of simple friendliness. I am part of a growing market called “seniors”. Many corporations are seizing the opportunity of building communities to serve this segment of the population. Large sums of money are […]

The Wynford Walkers World Tour

Delmanor Wynford Residents are excited about the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Japan. In order to support our Canadian athletes, residents decided to take up a physical challenge of their own. To kick off the new year, the Delmanor seniors decided to start counting their daily steps with the goal of reaching the steps required […]

Delmanor Prince Edward’s Winter Rock ‘n Roll Party!

The residents of Delmanor Prince Edward beat the winter blues with a Rock ‘n Roll Party that brought residents, team members, guests and neighbours together for a fun and lively afternoon full of music and dancing. The wonderful entertainers were one of the many highlights of the evening, bringing amazing energy and talent singing songs […]

Origami Canada Workshop at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Origami Canada is a non-profit organization that provides complimentary mobile origami workshops for groups of all ages. This unique program came to Delmanor Elgin Mills for the first time to delight residents with the fun and relaxing past time that many had never experienced before. Residents commented that they felt a sense of relaxation while […]

Market Time at Delmanor Prince Edward!

Delmanor Prince Edward celebrated its first Annual Food Market with Residents, Family Members, Community Neighbours and the Delmanor Team. Eight incredible vendors came to Delmanor Prince Edward to share their talents and creations with the eager guests. There was a lovely assortment of raffle gifts, yummy swirl cupcakes, Tea with Tracie, Girl Guide Cookies, AB’s […]