Canadian Artist Lucie Simons Celebrates Her 100th Birthday!

Lucie is a Canadian artist and printmaker who specializes in hand printed serigraphs, original oil paintings, original watercolour paintings, and has a career that spans over six decades! Lucie has exhibited her works at John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Windsor, Doris McCarthy Gallery – University of Toronto Scarborough, and the […]

Delmanor Wynford Resident Meeting – Virtual Style

Delmanor Wynford’s Monthly Resident Meetings have always been very popular and well attended, usually seeing about half of the Resident population eager to take part each month. During COVID-19 however, with guidelines constantly evolving, the Delmanor Team decided to attempt a virtual Resident meeting. By arranging an on-line meeting, Residents were able to be informed […]

Team Building with Cultural Cuisine at Delmanor Wynford

The Delmanor Wynford culinary team takes part in Chef’s Choice lunch specials where the Chef is given the opportunity to create a special dish to share with fellow team members. This Chef’s Choice meal consisted of a cultural lunch special called Filipino Pansit. This dish was created with noodles, cauliflower, onions, celery, peppers and garnished […]