Team Building with Cultural Cuisine at Delmanor Wynford

The Delmanor Wynford culinary team takes part in Chef’s Choice lunch specials where the Chef is given the opportunity to create a special dish to share with fellow team members. This Chef’s Choice meal consisted of a cultural lunch special called Filipino Pansit. This dish was created with noodles, cauliflower, onions, celery, peppers and garnished […]

Al fresco Rooftop Dining at Delmanor Wynford

Cherished dining experiences are those moments where everything meets in perfect harmony. Where the treasured moments of excellent cuisine pair with a lovely atmosphere to come together to create a fine dining experience that will not soon be forgotten. Every other Tuesday for the duration of the summer months, the Delmanor Wynford culinary team is […]

Another Culinary Delight at Delmanor Wynford!

The Chefs of Delmanor Wynford bring with them diverse backgrounds that together provide extensive culinary knowledge that they have gained by travelling and working around the world. The Delmanor Chefs love creating dishes that not only provide excellent nutrition for the Residents, but also provide something unique and delicious to inspire and create excitement over […]