COVID-19 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Delmanor doing to protect residents?

A. Delmanor is operating under strict pandemic outbreak protocols for COVID-19. Enhanced cleaning and infection control measures have been implemented, and team members follow protocols around Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Delmanor receives regular updates from Local Public Health Unit and Infection Prevention And Control teams to ensure we have the most current and accurate information possible.

▪ Our Nursing team is closely monitoring all residents, and temperatures are taken once a day. If a Resident develops any symptoms such as fever, sore throat or cough, a swab is immediately taken and sent to the lab for testing. Family members will be notified of symptoms and updated regularly. Residents will remain in isolation until lab results are confirmed and they are also clear of any cold/cough symptoms.

▪ Dining rooms remain open.

▪ Please read our updated visitor policy and procedures, click here.

▪ Delmanor team members and other essential visitors are actively screened when they enter the building.

▪ For Residents with any type of symptoms, strict infection control procedures are followed. Full Personal Protective Equipment is immediately donned and safely disposed of, before and after each Resident interaction.

▪ LivingWell programs have resumed with capacity limits in place.

▪ Elevator use is limited to no more than 2 passengers at a time.

▪ Delmanor is actively promoting safe distancing practices of at least 6 feet while walking in the building or on the patio grounds.

Q. Will team members and residents be tested regularly for COVID-19?

A. Yes, as per the current mandate under Directive 3.

Q. Are general visitors permitted to visit

A. Yes, provided they are fully vaccinated and pass all the screening requirements and the community is not in outbreak.

Q. What procedures are implemented if a resident and/or Employee has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19?

A. Should a Resident and/or Team Member have a suspected/confirmed case of COVID-19, Delmanor would act immediately to ensure the safety of Residents and Team Members. This includes the following actions:

▪ Any Resident with a suspected case of COVID-19 is placed in immediate isolation, PPE protocols are implemented, and a swab is taken and sent for testing. Family member(s) would be contacted.

▪ Nursing would closely monitor all Residents for COVID-19 symptoms; isolate and swab if they display any symptoms.

▪ Team members who display symptoms will immediately be off work and asked to contact Public Health. They would be requested to have a COVID-19 test. They would self-isolate for at least 10 days.

▪ In the event, there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 from a resident or team member all Residents and team members would be tested. Families would be notified in the affected communities only.

Q. Can residents leave the building?

A. Yes, residents can leave the building for day trips and overnight excursions. Overnight trips are subject to additional testing and isolation requirements. To read more, click here.

Q. Are new residents allowed to move in at this time?

A. Yes, provided the community is not in outbreak. Fully vaccinated new residents will be subject to additional testing and isolation requirements upon move in.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at